The Kells play primarily what is called Traditional Irish Music. This is in essence the “soul music” of the Irish race. With a genuine passion and a sincere sense of purpose the Kells pour their hearts into playing lively jigs, spirited reels and haunting airs with songs that reach deep into the moral and emotional part of man’s nature. Instruments such as the Irish uilleann (pronounced “il-yun”) pipes, tin (pronounced “tin”!) whistle and flute provide the brilliant melodies, while the guitar and traditional Irish drum called a bodhran (pronounced “bow-rawn”) provide intricate layering, heart-beat and drive. Together, when played by the Kells, it produces the inspired and mighty sound called “Hardcore Irish Trad.” It is music for all ages – and for the ages.



Smooth Sailing After All
Release Date: 2013





Don’t Burn the Water
Release Date: 2007





The Kells
Release Date: 2004